InfernoItalian food, what can we say about Italian food. Well we could actually say a lot. But we are not here to write about Italian food. We want to write about amazing Italian food, delicious Italian food, sumptuous Italian food, you get the picture. We are writing about the Italian food at Restaurant Inferno.

Found on 6850 St. Dominique street (corner Dante) in Little ItalyRestaurant Inferno offers patrons market fresh dishes with an Italian flare. The restaurant sports both indoor and outdoor seating and a relaxed atmosphere. The brain child of chef Nick De Palma the cuisine is not to be missed. We started our meal by being asked a simple question. You will eat anything right? Our answer was yes of course. and immediately our interest was piqued.

InfernoOur dining experience started in both a traditional and non-traditional way, traditionally we were served appetizers, but non-traditionally we were served the divine Restaurant Inferno appetizers. A dish was presented before us of four tasty treats. Octopus salad, duck tartare, roasted cauliflower salad and fried zucchini flowers. What a delicious way to start our meal. Each bite was better than the last and there would be no way to choose a favorite.

InfernoTime to try the main course or should we say main courses and we just had to try three of them. The first was gnocchi, followed by black ink risotto topped with scallop and finally roast pork with corn and fresh Ontario peaches.

InfernoThe gnocchi was fresh and oh so flavourful, an absolutely divine dish. The pork was tender and delicious, the complement of the corn and peaches brought out the taste of the dish. The risotto however, this is a dish we will remember and dream about. It was pure perfection.

Finally it was time for dessert, but what dessert could possibly finish off such a meal. Well it would have to be a chocolate brownie topped with ice cream. The best way to top off dinner on a warm summer night.

When you hear about where to dine in Montreal Restaurant Inferno should definitely be at the top of your list.

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