Recently we went out to lunch to celebrate an anniversary, we were so pleased to see one of our favourite lunch spots had reopened and was ready to feed us.

La Cantina, located on Stanly street in the downtown core of Montreal serves one of dishes that is loved by one and all. Tacos! But, the owners of La Cantina believe that one cannot live on tacos alone. If you are a fan of tequila with your tacos this is the place for you.

As this was a celebration, after the tequila, we decided a bottle of bubbles was in order. So we ordered a bottle of Cava. The perfect addition to our taco lunch!

Lunch at La Cantina can be ordered two ways, a la carte, or as a three course fill you up meal. With just enough of a taste of everything you leave satisfied but not feeling you overindulged. We opted for the three courses, a great deal for the low price of $20.

Course one was a choice of soup or salad. Although, we have tried the soup before, the summer heat directed us to ordering the salads. As we could not choose, we decided to share them both. The Jicama salad is a spinach based salad containing chia, marinated radish, pumpkin seeds and walnuts and topped with a citrus vinaigrette. The nopales (cactus) salad, contained tomato, feta cheese, avocado, red onion, cilantro, fresh radish and pork rinds and was dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and agave honey. We agreed that we could not decide which was better.

Time for the Tacos, here is where our tastes are very different. When it comes to choosing a taco, hubby loved a beef or al pastor, while I am into the seafood or vegetarian. So although the salads were for sharing the tacos were not. We ordered the beef brisket and the shrimp tacos. They were prepared to perfection and oh so delicious! On the side we were offered an option of adding spicy or mild sauce, the spicy was the perfect complement to the dish.

Finally it was time for dessert, the option is churros the decision is chocolate or caramel? The decision is obvious, there are two of us so one of each. The dessert is just enough to complement the meal and satisfy that sweetness that is needed to say the meal is done.

Needless to say, it was a great celebration and a fabulous meal. Best $20 lunch in the city, We highly recommend you try La Cantina!

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