Not Your Mother’s Rasoi

रसोई {rasoI} = KITCHEN (Noun)

RasoiEveryone has  that certain cuisine that they love. Anytime there is celebration or a special meal, it is the cuisine your friends and family always turn to. For us that is Indian food. Now we have all tried the standard fare, butter chicken, daal, Paneer Tikka Masala just to name a few. But when you try the food at Rasoi  there is nothing standard about it.

RasoiImmediately upon entering the establishment the first thing you notice is the decor. From the brick walls displaying a scattering of mirrors to the exquisite lamps it is a feast for the eyes. It is not until you sit and look up at the ceiling that you are able to see the extent of the beauty of this restaurant. The dining area is split in two, divided by an elaborate hallway with the bar located at the back. The floor just below boasts a large room available for groups, and is equally exquisitely decorated. Including the elaborately designed washroom doors.

RasoiNow that we have had a feast for our eyes, it was time to wet our whistles. The drink of the month was the Robin Hood, an exotic twist on the Dark and stormy. So how could we resist. We also sampled the mango mojito. As mojitos go, it was one of the best ones we have ever tasted.

RasoiHaving enjoyed our libations and viewed the entire restaurant, our excitement was building. How good would the food be? Well we were about to find out. Our first dish was the yellow fin tuna tartar, served with avocado and mango salsa, it was a spicy and sweet and divine.

This is Montreal, so it is never a surprise to be served a twist on the traditional Quebec dish, poutine. Ours  was a lamb madras poutine, house cut french fries, topped with a Madras curry gravy, served over lamb and topped with cheese curds. Yes, it tasted as delicious as it sounds. Next came the naan pizza topped with figs, paneer and basil, light and tasty, it was the most unique pizza we have ever had the privilege to try.

RasoiOur next two plates arrived together, the goat vindaloo, we were so excited about this dish we almost missed the Mediterranean sea bass. Both the offerings were accompanied by rice and naan bread. As we write this review, and are thinking back to these dishes, the taste, the spices, the perfect fusion of ingredients, our words cannot do justice to these marvelous creations. You truly have to try them to know you are tasting perfection. 

RasoiFinally, time for our favorite part of dinning, dessert. We know, how could we possibly eat anything else after such an exquisite meal. The question is, how could we not? Creme brulee made with kulfi (an Indian ice cream). It was the only way to finish such a meal.

We would like to thank Rex Patel and the amazing staff at Rasoi for an interesting adventure into a unique twist on Indian cuisine. Be sure to join the crew for Ladies night on Wedensdays, we recommend reservations as it fills up fast and deservedly so.

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