Tartine et Chocolat – Savory and Sweet and oh so good!

Tartine et ChocolatThis week we were invited to a wonderful bistro by the name of Tartine et Chocolat, since the word chocolate was in the name of the restaurant how could we refuse. Having opened a short seven months ago, this charming French cafe is destined to become the place to eat on St Denis Street.

Tartine et Chocolat offers a great collection of savory and sweet dishes on the menu. A delightful selection of sandwiches, salads and crepes are only made better by the addition of a Belgian waffle, gelato or macaroon.

Tartine et ChocolatWe started our lunch with a unique twist on traditional bruschetta, served on a thick slice toasted bread and topped with a tasty slice of prosciutto. It was a delightful treat and tasted as good as it looked. From the first bite we just knew this was going to be a meal to remember.

Tartine et ChocolatFor the main course we just had to try one of Tartine et Chocolat’s famous savory crepes, and a divine roast beef sandwich. The crepe was stuffed with ham, tomatoes, a delightful goat cheese and a bechamel sauce. The sandwich was served on thick crusty bread, and the roast beef was topped with melted cheese. Both dishes were served with a side salad, served with a delicious homemade maple dressing .

Tartine et ChocolatNow that the savory part of our meal was complete it was time to move on to the sweet. The choices were plentiful. Chocolate fondue, gelato, macaroons, crepes, it all sounded so good. But we opted for the waffles. Since Tartine et Chocolat offers two distinct types of waffles we had to try both. The first choice was la Bruxelloise desir chocolat, a traditional Belgian waffle, piled high with strawberries, and topped with almonds and drizzled with three types of chocolate. The waffle itself was light and fluffy with that crispy coat of a perfectly prepared waffle.

Tartine et ChocoletThe second choice was a gaufres de liege, a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. We sampled the nuage blanc, the pastry was covered with the most sublime white chocolate we have ever tasted. Topped with almonds and served with chantilly cream. Complemented by the famous house blend Tartine et Chocolate espresso. It was an exquisite end to a delicious meal.

We loved the fare served at Tartine et Chocolat and look forward to returning in the summer to sit on the patio and try the gelato, or maybe the macaroons or maybe the fondue. Who are we kidding, we are going back for the waffles.

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