The Art of the Doughnut

TROU DE BEIGNENow for the past few weeks we have heard about these amazing doughnuts from Trou de Beigne. Being Canadian and living in the time where there is a Tim Hortons on every corner, we foolishly thought we knew everything about doughnuts. Boy were we wrong, this week we learned there are donuts and there are doughnuts that are works of art.

Located on St Zotique street in the heart of Little Italy, the retail operation is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9am. Closing time is when the doughnuts sell out. Now we usually review places for dinner or a late lunch, we are not morning people. So the idea of travelling across the city was not appealing. But we vowed to try them so we ventured out bright and early to arrive before the doughnuts were gone.

Trou de BeigneTrou de Beigne offers some unique flavors for their doughnuts. You can imagine the taste of a delicious sounding s’mores or a green tea matcha or the banana nutella. We were told the top three favorites were the classic, the bacon maple and the s’mores doughnuts. Being as adventurous as we are we had to try them all. Luckily for us Trou de Beigne offers two sizes, the regular doughnut size and a mini one. The minis were perfect for a taste or to serve as a dessert for your next dinner party.

Trou de BeigneOff we left the shop only to face the hardest challenge of the day. Returning to our office carrying a dozen doughnuts without sampling them. It was pure torture. But we did make it back with all the doughnuts intact. After out trip out to Little Itally we learned a very valuable lesson. Not all doughnuts are alike, some of them are worth the trip. We also decided the bacon maple was our unanimous favorite. But try it for yourself, it is worth the trip.


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