The motto of the Bier Markt is bier is beautiful, and we could not say it any better. This week we were granted the incredible opportunity to sample the libations housed at the Bier Markt and boy did we sample them. Boasting an inventory of over 150 biers from 30 countries, there is certainly a choice for every taste and every budget including a $60 bottle of Westvleteren. The drink menu has over thirty pages of choices, but to be fair the last few pages are non-bier options such as cocktails and wines. However as this is a bier mecca, don’t be surprised when your cocktail is made with bier. To the best of our knowledge there is no bier in the wine.

Bier MarktBier MarktThe Montreal location is on Rene Levesque Blvd one block away from the home of the Habs, the Bell Centre.  With three floors available for dinning, there is room for everyone, before, during and after the game. Looking for some music, you can find a cover band every Thursday evening and a live DJ on Friday and Saturday. The main floor of the restaurant has a very casual flair. With bistro tables and stools it is easy to move about from table to table,  it is a welcoming area and great for casual dining or just a few glasses of bier. The upper two floors are designated as more formal dining areas, and can accommodate any size party. There is also a private room available for lunch meetings or celebrations. If you need something special, just contact Lawrence or David and they will be happy to make your event unique and of course full of bier.

Bier MarktBier MarktWe were invited to sample a lunch menu and were served by the amazing Max. If every server is as attentive as Max, you can be sure you will be well taken care of. Our meal started with the make your own charcuterie board, with the choice of two meats and one cheese. Larger boards are available for groups or you can choose a pre-designed board. As with everything on the menu, there is a bier pairing suggestion. We were presented with a glass of Stiegl lager, and it complemented the smokeyness of the cheese perfectly.

For round two we were served a candied bacon poutine. It was described to us as a dream poutine, and it was a dream to eat it. Along side the dish was a healthy portion of dunkle duck wings. Dry-spiced with a rub the wings are served with two types of dipping sauce, but were also delicious all on their own. The accompanying bier was the Goose Island Honker’s Ale. Alternating sips with bites of food, the combination of spices and the ale brought forward flavours we had never before experienced.

Next came the Angus beef tartar. If you are a fan of tartar, this classic fare will not disappoint. With the beef on the bottom, a layer of toasted baguette slices and topped with greens, this dish was prepared to perfection. How do you top perfection but add the perfect pairing. This time it was the triple brewed Tripel Karmellet Ale. The caramel taste of the bier only made the tartar taste even better.

Bier MarktBier MarktFinally we ended our meal with both dessert and of course another bier. For dessert, a bag of fresh and tasty sugared doughnuts with a coffee English cream dip for what else but dipping. You may not think that bier would go well with sugared doughnuts and were we surprised at how well the glass of Grimbergen Dubbel Abby Ale did. This strong dark ale, gave the doughnuts a completely new taste.

We thoroughly enjoyed the food, the bier and the service at the Bier Markt. We have decided that the motto is right Bier is Beautiful and we loved every drop of it.


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