Caribou Gourmand – Quebecois Cuisine at it’s Best

CaribouOften people ask what exactly is Quebecois Cuisine? That is a really good question. Every culture expresses itself in food so how do we do that in Quebec. Well the answer is very easy, if you eat at Caribou Gourmand. when you eat there you will fully understand how Quebec expresses itself through food. With the help of host and chef Guillaume Paimparay, we were given the opportunity to experience local cuisine at it’s best.

Located in the heart of Mile-End and on the very busy St. Laurent Blvd, Caribou Gourmand has wide open windows giving patrons an eye opening view of the neighbourhood.

CaribouWe decided to start our adventure with drinks, although cocktails are available, on this evening we opted for wine and beer. So very refreshing in the Montreal heat and the perfect complement to the charcuterie board that quickly arrived. A delicious platter of meats and bread it was the perfect start to our meal.

CaribouFrom the meat we moved on to another board, but this time with salmon. The salmon was prepared in white wine and served with Fairmont bagel chips. It was go good all we could think about was we wanted more.

More came in the form of mushroom risotto topped with scallops and duck tartare served with fresh grilled veggies. The duck was divine and Caribouthe veggies crisp and flavorful. It was a perfect summer dish. A little more of the hardy side was the risotto. With exquisitely prepared scallops it was an enjoyable dish with an exceptional taste.

Finally we came to the end of our meal but to the best part, the dessert. chocolate brownies with ice cream. The best dessert for summer and as an end of our dining experience at Caribou Gourmand.

So the next time you have guests and want to show off the local cuisine, head on over to Caribou Gourmand and experience Quebecois cuisine at it’s Best.


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