FabergeIf you were to ask Montrealers what their favorite meal of the day is, there could be only one answer, breakfast of course. Here in Montreal we love breakfast. Especially on weekends where breakfast can be an  all day affair, for this reason many restaurants serve breakfast foods all day. So when we were invited to try the fare at Fabergé, how could we refuse after all they serve breakfast all day.

Located on Fairmount Avenue West, just off the main thoroughfare of St. Laurent Blvd, Fabergé is centrally located and equally accessible by public transit and by car. The establishment itself is comfortable and inviting and every customer is given a warm welcome by some truly amazing staff.

FabergeTo start our adventure we decided to start our meal with a milkshake. Standard choices are available but also pumpkin and salted caramel. We received a recommendation for the salted caramel and it did not disappoint. Thick and sweet it was the perfect milkshake or so we thought. We were pleasantly surprised with a mango maple syrup concoction that you have to see to believe. The jury is in and this was officially the best milkshake we have ever tried.

Now we did have our hearts set on breakfast, but alas we were in the middle of Montreal Poutine Week so we could not skip out on some fabulous poutine. So we went for two of the house specialties the poutine and the Benny Mac Benedictine.

FabergeThe poutine was comprised of potatoes covered with peppers and caramelized onions, Hollandaise sauce and cheese. We opted to have it topped with fried chicken and an egg served sunny side up.  For the Benny Mac, the English muffin was replaced with a macaroni and cheese fritter. It is served topped with pulled pork and jalapeno jelly and of course a poached egg. We decided to split the dishes and have both breakfast and lunch, or if you want to be politically correct the perfect brunch. These recommendations were spot on and beyond delicious.

We always enjoy a restaurant where the staff can suggest a great dish, but we will always recommend a place where they get it just right. So on your next visit to the Mile End Neighbourhood of Montreal, you must make a stop at Fabergé for breakfast, lunch or just a milkshake.

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