It is no surprise that we love food, but not just any food, we love great food. Being from Montreal we are fortunate enough to have the option to try many different menus. One of our favorite cuisines is Greek. When we hear the words, do  you want to go eat Greek? We immediately think of lamb, pork, and garlic, lots and lots of garlic; and our answer is always the same. Let’s go eat Greek food.

Voggas Bar & GrillHaving traveled to Greece many times, we never thought we would find food in Montreal that brought back the memories of dining there. That is until we tried Voggas Bar & Grill. Located on Parc Avenue since 1971, this family run Montreal establishment offers some of the best Greek food we have ever eaten. Each dish is lovingly prepared, but don’t bother to ask for the recipes, the prep of each dish is a family secret.

Voggas Bar & GrillAlthough the winter weather was not on our side, we were please to arrive to a nice warm fire.  The warmth of the fireplace was matched only by the welcome from the staff. We began Voggas Bar & Grillour meal with a special dish, the stifado, a beef stew (also made with rabbit) cooked with pearl onions. For our appetizers, we started with the standard Greek salad, the option of the horiatiki or village Greek salad is also available. We also sampled the Greek Pizza, a pita baked with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, feta and olives. We would like to say that each dish was better than the last, but we can’t, each of the plates was pure perfection.

Voggas Bar & GrillTime for the main course, the best option in our opinion was to try the meat pikilla, with a suburb wine recommendation the meal was divine. With enough for two, the dish consists of two pork Souvlaki sticks, two Voggas Bar & GrillChicken Souvlaki sticks, and Loukaniko  (sausage), served with homemade Tzatziki, and Pita Bread.  No meal is ever complete without dessert, a warm chocolate brownie was the only way to end this exquisite meal.

When you check out the Voggas Bar & Grill website it states “rumour has it that we make the very best souvaki pita in town…”. We did not try the souvaki pita yet, but that just gives us a great reason to make another visit to Voggas Bar & Grill.

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