This week we uncovered another foodie gem in Montreal that we just has to write about. La Brasserie Saint-Denis on Saint-Denis in the Le Plateau district of our favorite city is a comfort food destination beyond compare. Located in a brilliant building with vaulted ceilings the space is large enough to accommodate huge parties and cosy enough for a special dinner with that special lady.

LA BRASSERIE SAINT-DENISThe first thing you will notice upon your arrival is that La Brasserie Saint-Denis has an incredible beer selection. They have a beer menu with LA BRASSERIE SAINT-DENISbottles from all over the globe. There are ales and IPAs from countries ranging from the Czech Republic to Australia. My favorite was the Kwak beer from Belgium which came in the oddest serving glass I have ever seen. You might want to try a cocktail as well when you visit these guys. They served me an enchanting concoction featuring ginger beer. I am not going to give away their recipe because I really think you should get down there and sample the drinks yourself.

LA BRASSERIE SAINT-DENISThe staff was incredibly friendly. We were hosted by Tim and Carson and they both proved to be gracious and knowledgeable hosts who went out of their way to give us concise descriptions of every incredible dish they brought to our table. Both of them lived in the area so they had that Plateau vibe about them which put us at ease right away.

Carson did all the ordering for us and we were impressed by his choices. He started with duck sausage poutine, bison meatballs and a refreshing salad of pickles and cottage cheese. The pace of the meal was consistent and he followed up those first dishes with the best spiced sausages and Moroccan mussels you will find anywhere in Canada. My mind was blown with those sausages. One was Italian and the other was Toulouse. Make sure you try both when you drop by to visit Tim and Carson. The food leaves you wanting more. Your brain says enough but your stomach says yum. Make sure to pace yourself because you will not want to leave without trying dessert.


When dessert hit the table my wife’s eyes nearly jumped out of her head. The brownie she served was garnished with a Fleur de sel Caramel. I was presented with a pouding chomeur which is a house specialty. I know I must sound like I am repeating myself but please make sure you try this when you visit. The pouding chomeur has earned its reputation as a house specialty. It is a taste experience unlike any other.


In closing – I have to say that both of us heartily recommend La Brasserie Saint-Denis as a must visit for Montreal foodies and anyone from out of town. We will be going back – I can guarantee you that as a I sit here and type these words. Cheers to everyone who hosted us on our visit and see you soon.


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