IMG_20151023_175254009Montreal has a long and remarkable history of excellence when it comes to fine dining. The city is recognized from Tokyo to Paris as a foodie mecca. At the core of this stellar reputation are innovative restaurants and their respective chefs who are committed to their art. These types of restaurants step decisively out of the comfort zone of the traditional fare and provide diners with meals that combine explosive flavor with meticulous presentation. We were fortunate to visit such a restaurant last night when were hosted by Chef Constant Mentzas at Restaurant Ikanos.

IKANOSChef Mentzas’ restaurant can be found at 112 rue McGill (#1) in Old Montreal. Located one floor above street level; Ikanos is a beautiful space with minimalistic decor that is both warm and inviting. The tables are far enough for privacy but close enough to give you a feeling of community with your fellow diners. If you love to people watch – you can reserve a spot next to the window which looks out onto one of the main streets of Canada‘s most beautiful city. The high ceilings free you from the din you usually find in busy restaurants because this dining oasis was designed with your comfort in mind.

IKANOSOur evening at Ikanos was beyond phenomenal – it was flawless. Chef Mentzas served us an eleven course meal which offered us a taste of the cross-section of the menu. We dined on oysters, clams , crab and the catch of the day. Every dish had a unique and distinct preparation. Chef Mentzas’ art is beyond reproach. The food reflects his willingness to take risks and his desire to make Ikanos a destination for Montreal foodies and any fine dining lovers who happen to be visiting our fair city. Restaurant Ikanos is a secret that needs to be shared.

IKANOSBefore I close – I have to mention the fine wine and cocktail selection available for your special night out. The mixologist behind the extended bar can accommodate special drink requests. A unique cocktail will get your evening off to an incredible start and it will give you one more reason to come back for a second visit. The wine selection at Ikanos is also quite impressive. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a glass of Thema 2011 but rest assured they have the perfect wine for any taste.

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