So Much More at the RibNReef

RibnreefThe RibNReef has been a Montreal institution for many years, and the restaurant has seen many celebrations shared with friends and family. For any special event the RibNReef is the place to eat, every meal is served in such a way, that every patron is treated as if they are the only customer in the establishment.

Situated on Decarie Blvd, the RibNReef is conveniently found in the middle of two metro stations. Should you drive to your dinner, the valets are waiting to take care of all of you parking needs.

RibNReefThe main floor of the dining room is spacious and comfortable, with tables spaced perfectly apart so diners can enjoy the ambiance but still enjoy a quiet dining experience. If you just want a quick drink a bar is situated in the middle of the room. For post dinner cocktails and cigars, upstairs sports a lounge to sit relax and enjoy your after dinner experience. For private functions,  a room is available on the lower floor, stationed along side an exquisite vine cellar that would make any connoisseur enviable.

RibNReefOur meal began it in the most amazing way, not only were we presented with a basket filled with an array of breads but also a dish of giant dill pickles and a hearty serving of coleslaw.

For the first course we went with the Caesar salad for two. The salad is prepared in front of dinners table side and is made with the freshest of ingredients.

RibNReefFor the main course we went with the obvious choice, well it was obvious to us, as the RibNReef is renowned for it’s sublime steaks. For side dishes we went with the garlic mashed potatoes, the perfect complement to any steak dinner, the broccoli and a serving of mushrooms. The steak was flavorful and grilled to perfection. Each bite was better than the last.

ibNReefSuch a meal can only be topped off by an amazing dessert. We went with the dark chocolate pralines served with fresh fruit and tea and coffee. A recommendation by the staff, it was simply divine.

Sadly it was almost time for out RibNReef dining experience to come to an end. But not before a quick visit to the lounge for cocktails and finally a tour of the wine cellar.

If you have yet to try the RibNReef we recommend you do so as soon as you humanly can, share the experience with friends and family or simply with the one you love. It will be an experience you will remember always.

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