The Sweet and the Savory Found at Sweet Lee’s Bakery

Sweet Lee's When one thinks about food at a bakery, the first thing that comes to mind is cakes, cookies and everything sweet. There is no shortage of delightful desserts at Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery, but the savory creations are there inviting patrons to sample and fall in love with these delicious dishes.

Sweet Lee's Situated on Wellington Street in Verdun, a short hop from the De L’Eglise metro station, Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery  is a must visit for locals and tourists alike when shopping the Promenade Wellington. On our lunchtime visit we were honoured to meet co-proprietor Sweet Lee herself to learn about this Verdun staple.

Having opened  a few short years ago, the bakery shares it’s space with Café Saint-Henri, so patrons can experience the best of both worlds. Delicious food and great coffee all in one location. Both catering and wholesale services are offered, so customers can try a taste of Sweet Lee’s treats in many locals in the city, but still one must make a trip out to the home base.

With so many treasures to try, we were overwhelmed with the sheer number of options presented before us. Luckily Lee was there to talk us through the menu. The amazing staff on hand is ready and waiting with an explanation or a recommendation for any customer in need.

Sweet Lee's Sweet Lee'sWe started our lunch with a refreshing salad. We quickly moved on to a bevy of savory options. The Greek scone, this was not your usual scone, is infused with sun dried tomatoes, olives and spinach. It was a tasty treat for scone and Greek food lovers alike. The scone was followed by a croissant filled with cheddar and topped with Montreal steak sauce and a savory brioche. Finally with the Croque Monsieur, apples and cheese over a nut bread. The tastes were not only unique but the food was filling and delightfully delectable.

Sweet Lee'sTime was finally upon us to try the sweet selections available at Sweet Lee’s. The order of the day was the caramel chai cookie, followed by the dark chocolate espresso tart. Next we sampled the dark chocolate, pecan fondant and finally the white chocolate and blueberry cookie. As desserts go, we were more than a little impressed. Each dish not only had an infusion of flavour but was so good one could not help but finish the entire plate.

So whatever your taste buds crave, a bit of sweet or savory, Sweet Lee’s has the perfect dish waiting for you.

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