RUBSBBQ or Barbecue, however you spell it is an integral part of summer. We wait all year for the amazing smell that emanates from our backyard grills. But what if you didn’t have to cook, or clean up, and you could eat it all year round. Well welcome to Rubs BBQ, some of the freshest food you will find in the city.

You might be thinking hey I have heard of Rubs BBQ, from a few years back. Yes you are right, Rubs BBQ opened a few years ago but had to close down when they suffered a disastrous flood. But they have since reopened and the food is as good as you remember. If you missed out on visiting Rubs BBQ the first time, it is not too late head on down there and give it a try.

RUBSThe first thing you notice when you dine at this establishment is the freshness of the food. Now you know the food is fresh when the restaurant boasts:

“This restaurant contains no microwave ovens and no freezers. A restaurant that specializes in fresh meats.”

We started our meal with a huge plate of nachos. Tasty and with just the right amount of spice, it was a great started to munch on while sitting on the patio.

RubsFor the main course we had a little bit of everything, well everything barbecue that is. Pork, grilled vegetables including corn, asparagus and grilled peppers and a hearty helping of macaroni and cheese. As barbecue goes it was damn good food. Prepared perfectly and served hot.

RUBSWe have established the food is fresh and delicious but what about the drinks? You cannot eat barbecue without an accompanying cocktail. well at least we couldn’t.

As recommended by the attentive staff, we were advised to sample the Mexican Bulldog and the Georgia Peach. The Georgia Peach was sweet and peachy and was a nice drink for a relaxing dinner and you guessed it the Mexican Bulldog and a bite to it.

Stuffed with food and drink we decided to forgo afters and ended our meal with the Blackberry Bourbon cocktail instead.

If you love barbecue as much as we do, and we know you do. You must try the deliciousness offered at Rubs BBQ for a taste of the divine barbecue you are now craving.

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