What exactly is Sexy Moroccan?

La Cuisine D'IzzaRecently we had the opportunity to dine at La Cuisine D’Izza, when we asked about the cuisine we were told it was sexy Moroccan. All at once out curiosity is peaked. Now Montreal has it’s share of Moroccan restaurants, but the food at La Cuisine D’Izza is different, it’s, well it’s sexy.

When you enter the establishment, you are immediately surrounded by the most beautiful shade of beep blue you can imagine. We tried to capture this colour with our camera but alas we failed. No matter how hard we tried not one image could do justice to this sublime colour. Just being in the room you feel serine and relaxed. You have to experience it to believe it.

La Cuisine D'IzzaOur host for the evening and owner Jérémie Assouline, greeted us and we discussed his vision for La Cuisine D’Izza. Establishing a presence in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal is not always easy. But with amazing food prepared by Chef Mikey, a relaxing environment and the best staff you could ask for this establishment is one for the ages. Unfortunately, due to the season we were not able to enjoy the luxurious patio, but that just gives us an excuse to return in the summer months.

We began our feast with some luscious libations. Standard cocktails but with a Moroccan twist, a mint tea mojito and an orange blossom old fashioned were the choices of the night. Our drinks were accompanied by a divine appetizer of fava beans spiked with cumin.

La Cuisine D'IzzaFor our first course we went for staff favorites, the merquez pogos and the leek pastels served with Labneh dip. The pogos made perfectly with the merquez sausages were hot and spicy and perfect for sharing. The leek pastels were so good we could eat them every day. 

La Cuisine D'IzzaThe main course was the Braised lamb hachis parmentire also known as Moroccan shepards pie and the chicken pastilla potpie. The North American twists on these traditional dishes make them not only unique but also absolutely delicious. Just thinking of the taste of these two plates makes one salivate. 

La Cuisine D'IzzaBy now as we all know the only way to end a perfect meal is with dessert. On this night we sampled the halva mousse and of course Moroccan pastries served with mint tea. It was a splendid end to an exemplary meal.

At the start of this post we used the term sexy to describe our meal, using the definition as excitingly appealing and glamorous. It is safe to say this was the sexiest meal we have ever eaten. 

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