Wienstein & Gavino’s – Celebrating Gluten Free

Wienstein & Gavino'sWienstein & Gavino'sThis past week we were invited to try the new gluten free menu at Wienstein & Gavino’s. If you are not familiar with Wienstein & Gavino’s, they are Montreal institution. Located on Crescent street in the downtown core, it is the go to place to enjoy happy hour or sit and people watch. Friendly and welcoming, the staff is always ready for tourists and locals alike.

Now when we were told menu would be gluten free, we were a little apprehensive. To be honest we had not heard good things about other gluten free menus. But this was not the case at Wienstein & Gavino’s, the menu contained a variety of dishes and each one we tried was delicious.

Wienstein & Gavino'sAfter a  quick run through and explanation of the dishes available. We started our meal with bruschetta and sausages. The bruschetta served on toasted bread, was fresh and flavorful. Each bite of the sausages was Wienstein & Gavino'spure bliss. After such great appetizers, we just knew the main courses were not going to disappoint.

For the mains we opted for the grilled shrimp and the Grilled certified Angus rib eye steak. The shrimps were a good size and were grilled to perfection, served with a hearty serving of fresh vegetables it would satisfy any seafood lover. The steak was just divine seasoned just right and served with vegetables and roasted potatoes. It was one of the best steaks we Wienstein & Gavino'shave ever eaten.

Finally it was time for something sweet. We were presented with a delightful chocolate cake, served with hazel nuts and chocolate sauce. What can we say, we love chocolate and as cake goes this one was quite spectacular.

After our adventure into gluten free foods, we have to say we are very impressed. The dishes were well prepared and very tasty. But than again what else would you expect from Wienstein & Gavino’s.

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